Treat your home right, or you might get a trick!

Here’s our home inspectors’ list of seasonal tasks we suggest home owners take care of in October. It’s easy to forget to take care of these annual tasks, so make a plan!

  1.  Prepare an emergency kit in the event of a blackout The kit should include flashlight, candles, transistor radio and batteries
  2. Get your lawn mower ready for off-season storage
  3. Clean and protect your lawn and garden tools. A quick spray of lubricant will help prevent oxidation/rust
  4. Check wall ventilation, basement windows and window air conditioning units for a proper seal. These areas will allow air leakage that may significantly increase your heating costs through the winter. In addition, these areas may allow access to pests looking for winter shelter. 
  5. Cover your air conditioning unit to protect against any damage from snow and ice buildup during the winter months. Check entry pipes into the house to ensure a proper seal.
  6. Clean leaves and debris from eaves and gutters to ensure proper flow of water. This will prevent ice from forming and backing up under the shingles over the winter months.
  7. Chimney cleaning is recommended each year, have a professional chimney sweep, prepare the chimney for the winter and heating season.
  8. Inspect your chimney and fireplace thoroughly, looking for cracks, soot and bird nests. Consider the installation of chimney caps to eliminate rainwater dripping down your chimney into the fireplace or the possibility of animals or birds making your chimney their home. Such a nest could block the flue forcing fumes back into the house.
  9. Clean your bathroom fan – be sure the power is turned off, then remove and wash the cover. Vacuum in and around the motor and fans to keep fan working efficiently.
  10. Interior doors are prone to swelling in the summer months. Check doors after the heat and humidity have passed to ensure proper closing. October is a good time to plane doors or adjust hinges as needed.
  11. Thoroughly soak all trees and shrubs before putting the garden hose away for the winter months.
  12. Twice annually clean your whirlpool tub with ½ cup bleach in a full tub, run for 15-20 minutes and drain and rinse to ensure circulation pipes are well cleaned.
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