Commercial Inspection Services

Whether being a multi-unit apartment building or a smaller live-work unit, a commercial inspection is a critical step in the process.

Our commercial inspection includes:

  • Evaluation of Roof
  • Plumbing Systems, bathrooms and kitchen spaces
  • HVAC system evaluated
  • General Interior
  • Walls, windows, doors
  • parking areas and exterior lighting
  • Safety features
  • Structure and Foundation
  • Customized report to the style and type of building
  • Infrared scan of relevant areas
  • Digital and print versions available
  • Photographs supplied with report

A proper inspection of the property including roof, structure, finishes and safety features can help protect your financial investment. Lighthouse can help with a personalized report of the major systems at a reasonable rate. Stop overpaying for commercial inspections. We can complete a thorough inspection of the property and provide photos and recommendations for required maintenance and safety concerns.

Whether investing in a multi-unit apartment or a live/work unit; Lighthouse can customize our Report and schedule to your needs. Our reports are delivered and reviewed in person within your time frame, customized to your needs and the requirements of the property. Please contact your Lighthouse inspector for a quote on your commercial inspection