New Home Warranty and Year End Inspections

Purchased or living in a new home?

In this instance, a home inspection is critical and your timing is vital.Your home may be covered by the builder’s warranty under Tarion – as long as you advise the builder and Tarion in time!

Lighthouse provides a comprehensive inspection of the home and grounds and will provide a complete list of issues to you within your time frame to provide to the builder This makes the process faster, easier and ensures that the relevant issues are included for the builder to manage the repairs covered by Tarion. Your inspector will access areas not normally seen by the homeowner, such as the attic space for concerns that may not be evident to the homeowner.

Think you don’t need it? We have inspected homes at the 1 year mark to find the builder forgot to insulate the attic – resulting in hundreds if not thousands of wasted dollars in energy bills.

Contact your local Lighthouse Home Inspector to book before you miss the deadline and become responsible for the repairs yourself.


January 2022
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One of our certified professional inspectors will contact you to confirm the appointment date and time. Only confirmed appointment will be kept. If you do not receive a confirmation from an inspector with their name and contact details within 1 business day, please call: 1-800-217-2450.