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Training to be a Home Inspector requires that you learn a lot of information. It is an intense course comprised of 3 components. The first is the in- class technical side of training which is about a week long and wraps up with a final exam. We work with you in small groups, so the information focuses on where you need it most and is full of practical information.

The second component is perhaps the most critical, and the timeline will vary greatly with each person and their learning curve. In this component, we walk you through the practical side of the business, allowing you to follow senior inspectors and learn the hands-on portion of the business. Here we cover how to complete the inspection process, deal with your clients, know what you are looking at and how to report it. Unlike most companies, we allow you to attend several inspections until you are ready. The extent of our mentoring program ensures you are qualified before you start the business.

The final component of your training covers Office setup, Marketing, Planning, and Contact Management. Below we are including a general indication of some of the topics covered in the training process, but the support continues throughout your franchise, with ongoing training in office and computer work as needed, Team Education Seminars, marketing courses, networking events, newsletters and ongoing mentoring.


What are our objectives? The objective of this training course is to teach you how to perform quality home inspections within the guidelines of CMHC, CAHPI, and to Lighthouse standards. We expect all inspections to be completed in a similar manner in terms of quality, thoroughness, attention to detail, reporting, follow up, customer relations, and ethics.

Lighthouse is committed to your success:

  • Small class sizes and customized training programs fit your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your in class training course will cover technical knowledge and procedures for inspections supplemented by the field inspections and marketing practice you will gain outside inspections;
  • When your instructor gets a phone call during your class time – we’ve done this for a reason – listen to what kind of information is being passed along and ask questions. Your phone call is your first contact with clients and real estate agents and the more comfortable you become with this sales process the stronger your business will grow. So next time the phone rings – don’t just tune out – Learn! ;
  • We work as a team at Lighthouse – working together to ensure that we grow strong -and while we work to help you grow your business, the relationship is one of partner – Lighthouse will help you make decisions but this is ultimately your business and you are responsible for the growth;
  • Thorough training class and ongoing mentoring programs ensure you know your business

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