Planning for Success: Marketing Training and Support

Lighthouse Home Inspection proven Marketing systemL ighthouse Inspections Canada provides you with a detailed and proven marketing system to get your franchise growing. The Lighthouse marketing system allows your business to flourish faster and more effectively than you have imagined. Our network of experts have put together a program that was tested for years in the field and has proven successful time and again. Marketing your business starts from the moment you join the Lighthouse team. Through a proven marketing system, sales training and plans we get your business off to a running start. All you need is your enthusiasm and professional approach We have used and improved this system for years and in many locations to develop and excel in various markets.

Key Benefits:

  • Proven Marketing System

    – allows you to start your business knowing that the marketing approaches have been developed and tested by successful inspectors. The umbrella of a franchise system allows you more time to focus on the service to your customers without the level of risk involved on your own. ;

  • Team

    – your clients will never be turned away. Go on vacation knowing that another qualified inspector is available to help your most important clients until you return. Set your own schedule and know your business is secure and thriving.;

  • Availability

    – Since the Lighthouse system is smaller you will have more access to areas you wish to pursue. Lighthouse has many areas available with existing business to start your franchise;

  • Plan

    Every reliable business resource will tell you – a good plan will drive success;

  • Collaborate

    Work closely with home inspection mentors that can help you grow to new heights.

You’re Never Alone

Once training is complete, this does not mean you are on your own. In fact, with Lighthouse you are never alone. Our unique team environment allows for complete coverage of inspections and phone service should you require. The Lighthouse system of support is unsurpassed.

The Team Provides:

  • Regular seminars, social and networking events, training groups, mentoring programs, and business support;
  • We offer ongoing technical support, newsletters, seminars and business consultation whenever you need it.
  • Support does not end with the inception of your franchise. Key franchise experts are available to assist you with any concern or question you may have. We will help get your business up and running and continue to be available as much, or as little as you need us.

Key Benefits

  • Because Lighthouse is a smaller franchise system, access to experienced staff is fast and easy;
  • You will never feel isolated or frustrated trying to contact an experienced member of the staff;
  • Our support system is in place to help you, we will assist you and your business as much as we are needed, no more and no less. ;
  • Our Franchise Advisory Board of elected Franchisees work as your advocate on major issues with Head Office;

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